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Deleting profiles from the site

  • Deleting a profile manually

    You can delete your profile by accessing the «Personal information» section in the «Settings», by clicking the «Delete profile» link.

    You will have the option to fully restore your profile within a period of 6 months from the date you delete your profile.

    We have also provided a convenient way to temporarily exclude yourself from search results - go to «Setting», then «Privacy» and untick «Allow my profile to appear in the search results».

  • Automatically

    If you haven't visited our site for six months, your account will be automatically blocked. You will receive a warning message about this one month before your account is blocked.

  • Restoring your profile

    You will periodically receive e-mails offering you the option to fully restore your profile for 6 months from the date you delete your profile. To restore your profile, you just need to click on the link in any of these e-mails or simply sign in to the site.

Search not available because you have deactivated «your profile participation in search». To remove limitations you must

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