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VIP status

  • General information

    This is a paid service which gives additional options of Global Dating Service.

    Enable VIP-status for your profile or give it to another user of the Service for 10 or 60 days. Corresponding payment for your VIP status will be charged from your profile balance.

  • Activate VIP status

    Go to «What I am looking for» or «My profile». In the left column, click on «Activate VIP status». Choose how long you want to activate VIP status for, and pay.

  • Additional features included with VIP status

    1. Advanced search. Meet the type of people you really want to meet.

    2. Invisibility cloak. «Wear» the cloak, and no one will know you were looking at their profile! And no one will know when you are online. Activate the «Invisibility cloak» in the «VIP settings» section, in the left column on your profile.

    3. Filter for incoming messages. You choose which people are allowed to write messages to you. Messages from anyone else will be automatically ignored.

    4. Profile design. Make your profile stand out by selecting one of our themes. The link to your profile in search results will also be highlighted and appear in the same style.

    5. Subscribe to notifications of new profiles. You'll instantly know when someone suited to you registers with the site.

    6. Supersettings. Your age will be hidden on your profile. However, your profile will show up in search results.

Search not available because you have deactivated «your profile participation in search». To remove limitations you must

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